An Ode to Our Town: Brigitte Aphrodite

An ode; a love poem, a spoken-word vignette to Margate’s sights to see, cultural places, sung and unsung heroes – a beautiful fun tapestry adding to the rich history of works about Thanet! Favourite hidden haunts, surprising meet up places, characters, cafes, independent shops. Painting an in-depth, truthful, joyful poetry picture of our beloved town and the people that make it amazing to be in. ⁠

What is your practice?

Multidisciplinary artist. My specific practice is music, spoken word/poetry and gig theatre.

What drew you to this artform?

My neurodiversity was the only way I felt like I could be understood in this world. And my love for Jarvis Cocker, as a kid. 

Who is your art hero?

Obviously Lizzo.

As restrictions are lifting where will you be heading to first in Margate?

I love everywhere! All the places in my poem.

Tell us a bit about this place

You will have to hear the poem to find out! (Ooo mysterious)

What do you see the artist’s role being in the overall effort to dismantle systemic racism?

The artist’s role is to feel uncomfortable about how an institution, or a colleague, or a friend is behaving. And it’s not just an artist’s role, but it’s ALL people’s role to call shit out! Whether it’s publicly, in your friendship groups, in the institutions you work in. First and foremost, check yourself – you might be part of the problem. No, really – check yourself. Have a good dig dig down. Stare difficult memories in the face. I’m checking myself now. Don’t get defensive: shut up and listen. I’ll do the same. Don’t be elitist. If there’s no working class people in the room, or black and brown people in the room, if everyone in the room is heterosexual, cis, able-bodied and neurotypical, it’s not representative of the society we live in. And don’t ask these people to do things for free!