All That Glistens

A mysterious rock formation appears to have fallen from the sky and landed in the Sunken Garden. Scientists from across the globe are investigating. Its enigmatic presence provokes thoughts of deep time and a numinous message seems to emanate from its dull golden surfaces. Could it be silently urging us to reflect on our profligate plundering of the planet’s precious natural resources? ‘All That Glistens’ is a work by Sadie Hennessy shown at the Sunken Garden for one day only. It will then be shown on the roof of Limbo, on Bilton Square, from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 October.


I am a multi-disciplinary artist whose roots lie in collage, but who’s expanded the idea of collage to encompass the third and fourth dimensions, to create immersive environments and events. Recently I have focused on creating post-apocalyptic imagery inspired by vintage dystopian fiction, and the lived realities of existing as a chronophobe in the Anthropocene epoch.


Sadie Hennessy is an artist and ‘shenanigator’ who creates 2D and 3D collages, installations and live events .She caused headlines with her children’s tattoo parlour (‘My First Tattoo’ in Whitstable and Greenwich, and before that, a national hoo-hah with her ‘Gary Glitter Rock’.  She likes to scratch at the veneer of civilised society, to find the darkness underneath, but uses humour to do so, even if it does come from the blacker end of the comic spectrum.

She has a BA Hons in Theatre (Dartington) and an MA in Fine Art (Central St. Martin’s). In 2010 she won the Jealous Graduate Art Prize. Work from her final MA Show was bought for the University of the Arts London collection, and her ‘Accident & Emergency’ prints are in the V&A print collection. In 2011-12 she was artist-in-residence in the printmaking department of Croydon College which culminated in a solo show at the Parfitt Gallery, and she has exhibited widely ever since. She was Screen Print Fellow at the Royal Academy 2016-2019.  

She has just had two works selected for the prestigious Plymouth Open, including her video ‘How Soon Is Now’ made as part of her Margate Now commission in 2019 ‘The Last Things (Pre-Now, Post-Now, Now-Now)’.