Lindsey Mendick

Rotten to the core

Credit: Thierry Bal

Lindsey Mendick’s practice is often propelled by an intrusive fear of decay and decomposition. From the rotten sandwich found rancid at the bottom of your bag to the lone aubergine that lurks indistinguishable at the back of the fridge; rot in all its forms is utilised within her work to convey themes of self-disgust, failure and shame. The compost bin created for the Sunken Garden is turning the artist’s usual practice on its head. The bin, always so contained and concealing of the processes happening within, wears its decomposition with pride.


Lindsey Mendick is a Margate based artist who works with clay, a medium that is often associated with decoration and the domestic, subverting these historic connotations to create skilled monuments to ‘low culture’ and the contemporary female experience. Often culminating in elaborate installations, Mendick’s autobiographical work offers a form of catharsis, encouraging the viewer to explore their own personal history through the revisionist lens of the artist.


Lindsey Mendick (b.1987)
BA Sheffield Hallam University 2009 -2012
MA Sculpture Royal College of Art 2015-2017

Lindsey Mendick received an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London. She was the recipient of the Henry Moore Foundation Artist Award in 2020, the Alexandra Reinhardt memorial award in 2018 and was also selected for Jerwood Survey 2019 and the Future Generations Art Prize 2020. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include: Cooke Latham Gallery, Goldsmiths CCA, London, Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Space, Ilford; Castor Projects, London; Hannah Barry Gallery, London; The Turnpike, Leigh; Zabludowicz Collection, London; Vitrine, Basel; Visual Arts Center, Austin, Texas; Oriel Wrexham, Wales; STCFTHOTS, Leeds and One Thoresby Street, Nottingham. She has previously been commissioned to make new projects that included ceramic workshops at Kunstraum, London; The Turnpike Pottery, Leigh and for the Cheltenham Council.