Transit Collective

with Simon Cole, Dominic Rose & Jon Spencer
Global Westbrook

Seizing the chance of this year’s staycation, Simon Cole, Dominic Rose and Jon Spencer of Transit Collective invite you to ‘Global Westbrook’, an interactive walk that reveals 20 stories connecting Westbrook to the world. Through exploration, observation and storytelling, the collective uncovers clues in the environment to hidden histories, charting international connections and global influences. 

Join Transit Collective after the morning walk for a zine making workshop exploring collective histories, the local environment and links with the world at large. Using a mixture of writing, stencilling, collage and simple hand-printing techniques, we’ll jointly create a typographic map that records and celebrates these relationships.


Transit Collective is a group of artists based in Margate working with the themes of locality, ecosystems, psychogeography and architecture. Through participatory art practice ranging from walks to workshops we create work exploring the history and potential of our urban landscape.


Transit Collective are an interdisciplinary trio of artists with different approaches to their shared love of the Thanet coast.  Simon Cole is walking artist and tour guide inspired by psychogeography and Beuys’ idea of the Social Sculpture. Dominic Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on the interaction between humans and the environment, order and chaos, the sublime and the mundane. Jon Spencer is an artist who seeks to uncover stories hidden within our built environment.