Open School East Young Associates Programme

The Sunken Senses

'The Guide', 2021 by Zoe Warner and Huw Williams

Collaborating with artist, Adam Chodzko, The Young Associates Programme at Open School East have created a sound-scape, image and videos for Margate NOW visitors, in order to prepare them for the experience of being within the Sunken Garden.  

All of these elements combine to provide a sensory experience for the visitors to the Sunken Garden.

Audio Guide

The sound-scape begins with the noises of everyday life in the town and transports the visitor into the space of a future winery set in the location of the Sunken Garden. 

by Sam, Eridanus Kyren, and Dan Smith


A video revealing the haunted landscape and sounds lurking around an isolated Kent ‘ghost village’. 

by Holly Hockley


A video which combines a man’s pacing around the inner perimeter of the Sunken Garden with a fantasy (or memory) of vegetable growing and strange dream-like sounds to produce a psychological space.

by Dan Smith and Daniella Jasper


Holly Hockley
Daniella Jasper
Eridanus Kyren
Dan Smith
Zoe Warner
Huw Williams

With thanks to Dan Scott for sound tweaking.