Make Noise For Equality: Canvas 4 Equality

Make Noise For Equality is a two part event where we will showcase a panel discussion between the C4E team on two selected themes and topics combined with an interlude of two music and poetry performances each day. The C4E panel discussion will explore themes of race and inequality and we will host a Q&A from the audience at the end of each event.

C4E also curated a display in the windows of Margate Arts Club.

Thank you to POW! Thanet for commissioning this project as part of Margate NOW 2020. Calling all feminists, we need you, right now! POW! Thanet is a festival and charity now in its 6th year of celebrating and exploring issues around Feminism, Women and Girls. We offer year-round community events, culminating in celebrations of International Women’s Day on March 8th. Everyone is welcome to join us as we celebrate the Power of Women!

What is your practice?

Canvas 4 Equality is a visual art platform designed to raise awareness about inequality.

What drew you to this artform?

After the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, we felt compelled as individuals to try and do something of impact to create noise about racism and inequality and injustice in general. We decided that an instagram platform would be the best angle by which to do this. 

Who is your art hero?

As a collective we are inspired by people such as Akala, the musician and activist. As well as Adowa Abowa and in particular her platform Gurls Talk. 

As restrictions are lifting where will you be heading to first in Margate?

Turner Contemporary

Tell us a bit about this place

The Turner Gallery is home to many interesting art exhibitions as well as being on the seafront is definitely one of the favourite places to visit in Margate.

What do you see the artists role being in the overall effort to dismantle systemic racism?

We believe artists have a very big role in dismantling systemic racism by speaking out and raising awareness through their work as well as inspiring others to do so. Art has an important role in influencing society and using different mediums to evoke thought and emotion.