EVENT Details


02 Oct 2021


11:00 - 16:00


The Sunken Garden
Royal Esplanade, Westbrook, Margate CT9 5EJ


Booking Required

The Plants Talk Back: part 2

Day 2 of ‘The Plants Talk Back’ is a sound workshop led by local artists Rosie Carr and Holly Hunter, and organised by Jemma Cullen with members of GOLD (Getting on with Learning Difficulties) and Arts in Ramsgate. By harnessing plant and human bioelectricity using Playtronica devices (prepare to be amazed), we give voice to flora at the site. We invite the public to a live improvised performance on site at 4pm.


11.00: A presentation about the Sunken Garden, its history, flora and fauna
12.00: Break for lunch
13.00: Sound workshop with Holly and Rosie – introduction to equipment, sound discovery, field recording and plant voice speculation
14.00: Break
14.30: Devising / preparing live performance
15.30: Break
16.00: Public sound performance

Practical information

We are disability and neurodiversity aware, please let us know if you have any specific needs and we’ll make sure you have the best day possible.    

A plant based lunch is provided for workshop participants on both days, please advise of any dietary requirements.

Covid safety measures are in place for members of the public to safely try out the Playtronica equipment.

To book, email office@artsinramsgate.org.uk.

View commission page here.