Exploding Cinema: Genetic Moo

19 October 2019
The Margate School (Woolworths), 33 High St, Margate CT9 1DX

An evening extravaganza of open access short film by this radical film-makers co-op. Accompanied by the legendary pound shop raffle, eclectic music tastes and a 17-projector technicolour whirlwind covering every available surface in the room. Exploding Cinema has been doing this for 28 years. Whatever film they are sent gets shown. No dogma, no censorship, no accounting for taste – a mega AV mashup – prepare to have your eyeballs bombarded.

There was free film & video workshops in the afternoon (12-5pm) before the event run by the Exploders, to learn about all sorts of DIY digital film making techniques including chroma keying, image mapping, animation, VJ mixing/looping, and a whole slew of projection effects.

Exploding Cinema was part of the NOW digital festival.