Kaigan no Kaze… drumming up the sea winds: Kensei Taiko

Come drum up the coastal winds with Kensei Taiko’s ‘Kaigan no Kaze… drumming up the sea winds! Learn the basics of Japanese drumming, bring out the spirit of the drums and awaken dragons…Learn the stance, use of the bachi, (drumsticks) and your body to draw up the energy from the waves! You may be invited back to play in a final performance piece…


What is your practice?


What drew you to this artform?

A profound and lifelong interest in Japanese Martial arts and culture

Who is your art hero?


As restrictions are lifting where will you be heading to first in Margate?

The Turner Contemporary

Tell us a bit about this place

The main gallery in Margate which helped ignite the rise of the indigenous artists in Thanet!

What do you see the artist’s role being in the overall effort to dismantle systemic racism?

To be absolutely inclusive in our art form, leading by example. Art is a cultural staple, inherent in all cultures, and all cultures need to promote and support art…