PWR Presents Breaking Bread & Taking Up Space: PWR

Join PWR as they break bread and discuss taking up space. This will be an evening of food and discussion with a panel of PWR houses who have a lived experience of the struggles and triumphs of taking up space from the fringes. Everything from the food, venue and guests will be a celebration of Black and Brown people, slaying in their lane.

What is your practice?

At the core of what we do we aim to emPWR those from the fringes, with a focus on working with people who identify as girls, women or non binary. As an organisation we prioritise working with creative businesses and artists from the fringes. Creating exciting and engaging opportunities for the local communities to support and celebrate the successes of these PWR houses. 

What drew you to this artform?

We’re really passionate about developing and supporting artists/creatives and audiences within communities who feel like they don’t quite fit within the ‘art’ industry.  It’s about pushing the peeps from the fringes to the front.

Who is your art hero?

Cool Shit 

As restrictions are lifting where will you be heading to first in Margate?

Beach (quiet bit)

Tell us a bit about this place

It’s where we can get away from the madness of life 

What do you see the artists role being in the overall effort to dismantle systemic racism?

It’s super important. 

What we need is for those in power within the industry to have the confidence  to longer be the gate keepers and hold it wide open for those that have not been allowed to participate.